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Nyx Ulric
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Player: Raos
Canon: Final Fantasy XV
Canon Point: Post-Glauca fight
Alignment: Piphron
Date of Entry: 01/05/2017

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Character: Nyx Ulric
Age: 30-something
Canon: Final Fantasy XV
Canon Point: Post-Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV




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Player: Raos
Contact: [ profile] agebinium
Age: 25
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Character: Nyx Ulric
Age: 32-ish
Canon: Final Fantasy XV
Canon Point: Immediately after his fight with Glauca, as the sun is rising.

Background: Nyx Ulric @ The FF Wiki

Personality: When we last see Nyx, he's secured the fate of the future and is peacefully watching the last sunrise he'll ever see. Don't let that fool you though, he might be a hero but he's a god damn mess of a person.

Losing his sister during an attack on Galahd scarred Nyx, leaving him the kind of person who desperately needs to save everyone and be the hero. Which would be fine, if it didn't also mean he was reckless about it. Whether it's disobeying a direct order to retreat to save the life of an injured friend, or throwing himself into the thick of battle with no magic. Nyx's heroism has become something of a running joke to his fellow Glaives.

Now let's back up a second and go into that whole sister thing.

Nyx attempted to save her, but she told him to help their mother instead and while it's not outright state, it's pretty heavily implied that she died as well. Needless to say, he carries the weight of being unable to save them, and every other death with him. That isn't to say he's all doom and gloom, far from it, in fact. Nyx presents himself as an arrogant young man, who is more than well aware of how vital he is to the Kingsglaive. "I'm worth the wait," he says, "Nyx, I owe you one." "You and everyone else," they say. But he doesn't let it go to his head -- enough to distract him from his duty, at least.

Being a member of the Kingsglaive is the most important thing in Nyx's life, having joined after King Regis offered the refugees sanctuary and feeling indebted to the man. As a refugee and part of the Kingsglaive, he also faces discrimination from the citizens of Insomnia, who claim they don't need immigrants "jumping around, playing war hero" to keep the peace. Nyx takes this in stride, holding onto his duty and desire to one day retake his home of Galahd. It's this loyalty, to King, Country and his fellow Glaives that make up the majority of his character. Ten years with the Kingsglaive have had them become a second family to him, not quite replacing that which he lost but giving him something new to fight for. But ultimately it's his loyalty to King Regis that wins out, after several of his fellow Glaives betray him -- and even after Nyx is outraged by Regis' actions regarding the surrender of surrounding territories to protect his son Noctis -- he remains loyal to the man and carries out his orders.

Whether it's protecting the edges of Insomnia from Niflheim invasions, guarding the west gate or escorting Princess Lunafreya, Nyx takes his duty very seriously. Most everything he does is to repay his debt to King Regis. Even going as far as demanding the King deploy the Glaives to rescue Princess Lunafreya when Niflheim appears to have captured her in an attempt to disrupt the peace -- he might not agree with Regis' choice, but he goes along with it because he owes the king his life, which means keeping the treaty from being disrupted is vital.

The betrayal of the Glaives doesn't really hit him until their captain is revealed to be the main antagonist of the conflict. When this happens, Nyx gives everything he has to stop Glauca and protect the future because other people know their duty and he can help them fulfill it. Going as far as deriding the ancient kings of Lucis because they refuse to do anything to protect Insomnia. When the kings offer their power, he tells them off again, because the cost of the power is either Libertus or Lunafreya's life. It's only when the newly deceased King Regis speaks up that he even considers giving the Lucii a chance. He even laughs at them when they claim he's found wanting, and the big twist about Nyx's character comes when they ask if means to barter for his life.

He doesn't. Because Nyx truly believes his life means nothing, while giving the future to those who want to see it is everything. As he struggles with Glauca one last time, Nyx points out that living in the past is wrong because it blinds you to the future and that's his pride: shaping the future.

Even as he lay dying, he remains loyal to the throne, because Regis did what he did to give hope for the future.

Abilities: Nyx possesses no magic of his own, however he does possess a remarkable aptitude for using it when he's given power. After joining the Kingsglaive, King Regis Lucis Caelum CXIII grants him a portion of his magic to use in his duty. This magic allows him to cast fire, blizzard, thunder and protect spells. The first three are exactly what they sound like, elemental spells that deal damage. Protect, however, manifests as a crystal-like hexagonal barrier that shatters after taking too much damage. It can be used to block attacks or to cushion himself and others against a fall.

The main ability, however, is warp magic. This allows Nyx to warp across distances, using his daggers as a focal point. So wherever the daggers are -- though it seems to require line of sight -- Nyx can warp to, meaning he can use it in battle, to climb obstacles, to dodge attacks, etc.

Upon being deemed worthy by the Ring of the Lucii, Nyx gained access to the above magic as well as being able to summon the Old Wall, a number of animated statues that can also use the above magic. Useless in Empatheias since the Old Wall doesn't exist, but it's here for completion sake.

Nyx is also a skilled fighter, particularly with dual daggers and has stealth, strategy and guard training.

Alignment: Piphron. Loyalty is Nyx's ultimate driving force; whether it's to his fellow Glaives, the King himself or his home of Galahd. Even when betrayed by his fellow Glaives, he remains loyal to their cause and to the king.

Other: Nyx is arriving seriously injured -- more on that below -- and still wielding the magic given to him by the Lucii.


General Sample: Test drive

Emotion Sample: There's some in the prompts and Here for another example.

Questions: As mentioned above, Nyx still possesses the magic given to him by the Ring of the Lucii at the price of his life when the sun rises... so naturally, I'm hoping it's possible he can keep the magic and not die every time the sun rises? He's also covered in wounds, some crystallized, some not. So my other question is: can these be healed and give him a bunch of kickass scars? I'm fine with the crystallized wounds staying crystallized!


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